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Enjoy Fresh Durians at the comfort of your home and any other places.

We source our Durians daily from Tangkak and Pahang to ensure Freshness are delivered to all our customers. Delivery services will be fulfilled by our subsidiary, Durian Prince Xpress. Pricings are kept low as we avoid any middlemen.

Pricings will be Updated Daily on our Facebook Page or thru enquiries.

We offered 3 styles of packaging for delivery to our Customers:
1) Unopened in Husk.
2) Opened in Husk and tied with rubber bands.
3) Opened and packaged in styrofoam boxes.

Feel free to drop us an email, message or call us on +65 90600798 for any enquiries on Deliveries, Durian Party and Event.

The Durian Prince , the best place for your durian stop .

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